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How Truck Drivers Stay Safe and Healthy During Winter

The air has turned crisp and cold and that means that winter time is upon us. Winter is a beautiful ...
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Darla Ferguson of Highway Transport

Women Tanker Truck Drivers of Highway Transport

There has never been a better time for women to choose a career as a truck driver. Most trucking companies ...
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NTDAW 2017

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2017

Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Knoxville-headquartered hauler of specialty chemicals, Highway Transport is not only celebrating National Truck Driver ...
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Highway Transport Owner Operator Jim Raines

How to Be a Successful Owner Operator in Trucking

Most truck drivers who suddenly spur-of-the-moment decide to become owner operators find themselves bankrupt in about a year. Successful owner ...
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Truck Driver Health

How to Stay Healthy as a Truck Driver

Choosing a job or vocation is often a matter of tradeoffs. A movie stuntman or stuntwoman, for example exchanges safety ...
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Highway Transport Largest Driver Pay Package in Company History

Largest Truck Driver Compensation Package in Company History

Effective May 15, 2017, Highway Transport launches a new overhauled pay system and announces the largest truck driver compensation package ...
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Why the Trucking Industry Needs Young Drivers and How they Can Be Retained

Employee retention is one of the major problems crippling the trucking industry. Companies across the industry have consistently struggled with ...
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#TBT tanker trucking scene from the 1980s

#TBT Scene Reflects on Tanker Trucking Safety

#TBT Weeeeee! Gone are the days when executives climbed onto tanker trucks. Protocols today are very strict. Highway Transport has ...
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wildflowers on the forest floor at a park near Highway Transport Florence

Tanker Trucking Flourishes in Florence Kentucky

Spring is when things "flourish" in Florence. As the locals say, "Florence Y'all" Highway Transport's Florence Service Center is having ...
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Conditions near Highway Transport Service Center in Croydon #Pennsylvania During #StellaBlizzard

#StellaBlizzard Challenges Croydon Service Center

Things have been challenging at our #CroydonPA Service Center. See the following video captured from the I-476 turnpike in #Pennsylvania. Hopefully ...
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