#TBT Scene Reflects on Tanker Trucking Safety

#TBT Weeeeee! Gone are the days when executives climbed onto tanker trucks. Protocols today are very strict. Highway Transport has a remarkable record of safety on the road and in shops. The following image is from a bygone era in trucking days when many safety protocols were not in place.

#TBT tanker trucking scene from the 1980s
Today, Highway Transport Maintenance Specialist David Owens compiles ladder test data and investigates new designs. This is David on his motorcycle.

Highway Transport Maintenance Specialist David Owens

Hmmm. This map doesn’t look like Highway Transport locations?

It is a map of locations where a new tanker truck ladder design was tested and considered for use on our tanker fleet. David Owens gathered driver feedback on the new ladder design at many customer locations nationwide. Here are a few:


At this time, 15 Highway Transport tankers are equipped with this new ladder design.The tanker trailers are Brenner DOT-407-2205.

Did you know?
Professional tanker truck drivers are governed by the Department of Transportation, so they are allowed to get on the tank. Tank cleaners and mechanics are not allowed on top of the tank. They are governed by OSHA. Tank cleaners and mechanics take the tank inside the shop and hook up to fall protection with their harnesses and their retrieval system.




Map of Highway Transport Service Centers with shops and tank wash facilities:

Highway Transport locations with shop and tank wash facilities

Are you a professional truck driver interested in finding a home where drivers and their families are held in the highest regard? Consider a career with Highway Transport. Currently, the most urgent need is for system drivers. Oftentimes, a system driver transitions into a Regional driver.

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