Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road

hot weather hacks

Life on the road can be quite the challenge when it comes to staying consistent with a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to fall off track with all the tempting fast food options conveniently available at all times. Here are 3 quick tips to steer toward a road to healthy living that will drive towards your […]

Shop and Tank Wash Collaboration with Truck Drivers

Highway Transport Mechanic Jobs

Shop and tank wash plays a crucial role in making sure the Highway Transport fleet is one that arrives consistently on time, safe, and well-presented at delivery. Throughout the 70-year history of Highway Transport, mechanics who approached our company arrived well-versed in the engineering basics of the trade. They were capable of day-to-day repairs on […]

8 Ways for Truck Drivers to Reduce Stress

Here are 8 ways for truck drivers to reduce stress. Driving a truck is stressful. Driving a tanker truck adds another layer of complexity that many fellow truck drivers do not understand. Large numbers of people on the road, drivers not obeying the rules of the road and extreme temperatures…it can be a nightmare. These tips […]

Leave the Fireworks to the Experts

Leave the Fireworks to the Experts

Leave the fireworks to the experts. Here is a listing of Independence Day celebrations, displays, and events near each Highway Transport service center. Highway Transport Florence Highway Transport Wyandotte Independence Day Parade 10:00 am Highway Transport Knoxville Festival on the 4th Highway Transport Joliet July 4th Independence Day Celebration Highway Transport […]

Seven Hot Weather Hacks for Truck Drivers

Spring is in the rear view mirror. Summer has officially arrived, and truck drivers need these hot weather hacks. When a summer heat wave hits, it can be detrimental to various jobs, but especially truck drivers. Luckily, there are several ways you can stay cool and beat the heat this summertime that aren’t as crazy […]

How to Avoid Road Rage in 2019

How Truck Drivers Can Avoid Road Rage

Over 13,000 cases of road rage are reported every year. Driver Story Magazine points out that this number is likely higher in real life, considering all the unreported cases. Truck drivers, who work to deliver freight safely and securely everyday, bear the brunt of this problem due to the challenges and complexities of driving large […]

Highway Transport Celebrates 70 Years!

Vintage 1968 Highway Transport Tanker Truck image

Highway Transport, is celebrating 70 years! Discover a rare glimpse of the heartbeat of “Highway” in a video. 75 new Mack Anthem trucks are being added to the fleet.  “Highway,” has become our nickname through the years; it is the way colleagues throughout the trucking world commonly refer to our company. Video Celebrating 70 Years […]

The Driver Condition

When recently speaking about the Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Program, Steve Kane, Rolling Strong President and former driver, said “There is a crisis in driver health. Forty-nine is the average age of a truck driver and sixty-one is the average life expectancy. This is a hard life they live.”  The statistics that state that this […]

Driver Compensation Upgrade

Highway Transport Truck Driver Compensation Upgrade

I am excited to announce three updates to our Highway Transport driver pay package. First, we are increasing all mileage scales by an average of 4.5%. Also, we are increasing hourly detention and loads below 150 miles rates by $1 per hour. This increase will be effective April 30th. Second, we are introducing a Per […]

Highway Transport Drivers Enjoy Rolling Strong

Rolling Strong and Highway Transport

Drivers enjoy Rolling Strong health coach guidance about: -meals -exercise -sleep Rolling Strong inspires Highway Transport drivers to take control of health. Rolling Strong is the leader in truck driver wellness services for professional drivers. Offering Rolling Strong helps Highway Transport retain drivers. Drivers are encouraged to maintain good health, pass their DOT exams and […]