BASF Visit to Chattanooga Service Center


BASF visiting Highway Transport Chattanooga Tank Wash


Kevin Mattera with BASF stopped in to visit our Chattanooga location and learn more about tank cleaning. He was in town auditing the BASF plants and decided he would learn a little more about our tank cleaning processes. Here he is discussing tank washing with Daniel Davis our service center manager and Stefon Davis of the Chattanooga cleaning rack. Stefon being fairly new (ha ha) with only 27 years at Highway explained the tank cleaning operation to Kevin who was thoroughly impressed. Keep up the good work Stefon.

Check out this cool truck wash scene captured by Highway’s own Stefon Davis which he posted on Instagram


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Currently, the greatest need is for system driver. What is system driver? Some people refer to this as OTR or “over the road.” There is a need for drivers who are willing to operate within’ our own Highway Transport System, which includes the following locations. System drivers are out on the road away from home 1 or two weeks at a time.



Regional drivers perform short runs within a close radius of the service center.


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