How to Avoid Road Rage in 2019

How Truck Drivers Can Avoid Road Rage

Over 13,000 cases of road rage are reported every year. Driver Story Magazine points out that this number is likely higher in real life, considering all the unreported cases. Truck drivers, who work to deliver freight safely and securely everyday, bear the brunt of this problem due to the challenges and complexities of driving large […]

Highway Transport Celebrates 70 Years!

Vintage 1968 Highway Transport Tanker Truck image

Highway Transport, is celebrating 70 years! Discover a rare glimpse of the heartbeat of “Highway” in a video. 75 new Mack Anthem trucks are being added to the fleet.  “Highway,” has become our nickname through the years; it is the way colleagues throughout the trucking world commonly refer to our company. Video Celebrating 70 Years […]

The Driver Condition

When recently speaking about the Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Program, Steve Kane, Rolling Strong President and former driver, said “There is a crisis in driver health. Forty-nine is the average age of a truck driver and sixty-one is the average life expectancy. This is a hard life they live.”  The statistics that state that this […]

Driver Compensation Upgrade

Highway Transport Truck Driver Compensation Upgrade

I am excited to announce three updates to our Highway Transport driver pay package. First, we are increasing all mileage scales by an average of 4.5%. Also, we are increasing hourly detention and loads below 150 miles rates by $1 per hour. This increase will be effective April 30th. Second, we are introducing a Per […]

Highway Transport Drivers Enjoy Rolling Strong

Rolling Strong and Highway Transport

Drivers enjoy Rolling Strong health coach guidance about: -meals -exercise -sleep Rolling Strong inspires Highway Transport drivers to take control of health. Rolling Strong is the leader in truck driver wellness services for professional drivers. Offering Rolling Strong helps Highway Transport retain drivers. Drivers are encouraged to maintain good health, pass their DOT exams and […]

Women Tanker Truck Drivers of Highway Transport

Darla Ferguson of Highway Transport

There has never been a better time for women to choose a career as a truck driver. Most trucking companies are actively seeking qualified candidates. Salaries and benefits are better than ever. However, if you are a woman seeking a trucking job, you might not know anyone personally to talk to about their experience. We […]

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2017

NTDAW 2017

Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Knoxville-headquartered hauler of specialty chemicals, Highway Transport is not only celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2017 but also beginning expansion into new markets: Pittsburgh, PA and Cincinnati, OH.  Chemical tanker drivers are an elite class of drivers with a very unique set of skills. They are very committed […]

How to Be a Successful Owner Operator in Trucking

Highway Transport Owner Operator Jim Raines

Most truck drivers who suddenly spur-of-the-moment decide to become owner operators find themselves bankrupt in about a year. Successful owner operators advise fellow truck drivers to be a company driver for 3 to 5 years. It is the equivalent of getting paid to become educated in the ways of trucking. Many successful truck drivers, after […]

How to Stay Healthy as a Truck Driver

Truck Driver Health

Choosing a job or vocation is often a matter of tradeoffs. A movie stuntman or stuntwoman, for example exchanges safety from injury for a life of excitement and glamour. An obstetrician gives up valued time spent with family for the satisfaction of bringing new life into the world—not to mention a six-figure income. Somebody might […]

Largest Truck Driver Compensation Package in Company History

Highway Transport Largest Driver Pay Package in Company History

Effective May 15, 2017, Highway Transport launches a new overhauled pay system and announces the largest truck driver compensation package in 68+year company history. All Highway Transport drivers nationwide at all locations will see an increase in both hourly and mileage pay. After carefully gathering input from drivers, Highway Transport did away with the old […]

Why the Trucking Industry Needs Young Drivers and How they Can Be Retained

Employee retention is one of the major problems crippling the trucking industry. Companies across the industry have consistently struggled with turnover rates. As a result, they are dealing with increasingly high costs of operations. Put simply, trucking companies are struggling to hold onto their drivers long enough for them to get a considerable return on […]

#TBT Scene Reflects on Tanker Trucking Safety

#TBT tanker trucking scene from the 1980s

#TBT Weeeeee! Gone are the days when executives climbed onto tanker trucks. Protocols today are very strict. Highway Transport has a remarkable record of safety on the road and in shops. The following image is from a bygone era in trucking days when many safety protocols were not in place. Today, Highway Transport Maintenance Specialist David […]

Tanker Trucking Flourishes in Florence Kentucky

wildflowers on the forest floor at a park near Highway Transport Florence

Spring is when things “flourish” in Florence. As the locals say, “Florence Y’all” Highway Transport’s Florence Service Center is having a very busy spring hauling specialty chemicals to nearby L’Oreal and points beyond. #Kentucky has the most beautiful grass in the country. Everything is bright spring green. Speaking of green…did you know? The average yearly […]

#StellaBlizzard Challenges Croydon Service Center

Conditions near Highway Transport Service Center in Croydon #Pennsylvania During #StellaBlizzard

Things have been challenging at our #CroydonPA Service Center. See the following video captured from the I-476 turnpike in #Pennsylvania. Hopefully the northeastern snowstorm entitled “Stella”will soon be in Highway Transport’s rear view mirror. Croydon Service Center Manager Mike Dailey confirms that the interstate is down to one lane, and Highway Transport is doing everything possible […]

Highway Transport Employees Go from Rigs to Hogs

It’s no secret that Highway Transport drivers love to hit the road daily in their truck. But, outside the routine of driving the big rig it seems there is a common passion for hitting the road on their motorcycles. Let’s face it our fleet has great taste in hobbies outside of the workday, riding a […]

Highway Transport Celebrates Dennis Williams on his 20 Year Rolex

We are proud to celebrate and acknowledge Highway Transport Driver, Dennis Williams on his 20 Year Rolex Ceremony Mark. The 20th Anniversary Rolex Ceremony officially commemorates 20 years of continuous service for Highway Transport employees. This year marks his 20 year milestone + 37 years overall. Dennis totals 37 years from past days when he […]

BASF Visit to Chattanooga Service Center

BASF visiting Highway Transport Chattanooga Tank Wash

    Kevin Mattera with BASF stopped in to visit our Chattanooga location and learn more about tank cleaning. He was in town auditing the BASF plants and decided he would learn a little more about our tank cleaning processes. Here he is discussing tank washing with Daniel Davis our service center manager and Stefon Davis […]