Highway Transport Celebrates Dennis Williams on his 20 Year Rolex

We are proud to celebrate and acknowledge Highway Transport Driver, Dennis Williams on his 20 Year Rolex Ceremony Mark. The 20th Anniversary Rolex Ceremony officially commemorates 20 years of continuous service for Highway Transport employees. This year marks his 20 year milestone + 37 years overall. Dennis totals 37 years from past days when he owned his own truck as a flatbed driver until 1997, which he then returned back to Highway Transport and never looked back.

Left: Greg Watkins, Highway Transport CEO, Right: Dennis Williams

During the ceremony Dennis said, “I just want to thank everybody and thank the good Lord above for having my health and being able to do this job. My family and my friends. It’s not just the company, but the people you work with and you work for. That’s what really makes this company worth working for.”

Highway Transport's Knoxville Spotter with Greg Watkins
Left to right: Dennis Williams’ daughter Melinda Guy. Lily (age 5), Tanner (age 11), Dennis Williams, Dennis Williams’ son Justin, Dennis Williams’ grandson (oldest son of Melinda) Skylar (15)

To celebrate this great accomplishment a large crowd gathered for Dennis and his 20 Year Rolex Milestone at Highway Transport’s Knoxville Service Center. In addition, extra important special guests were able to make an appearance for Dennis’s big day which included family attending: son Justin and daughter Melinda, Melinda’s 3 children: Lily Marie (5), Tanner (11), and Skylar (15).

During the ceremony CEO, Greg Watkins said to Dennis, “I am tickled to give another one of these out. It means a tremendous amount to our company and my family. I did not know that you were with us before and left in ’86, so it would have been 37 years. Your commitment to our company, your loyalty, and everything that you’ve done means a lot more than this watch is worth; but the watch is a token of our appreciation of what you’ve done for us and the time that you’ve put in with our company. And I want to thank your family too. I know it’s important to them as well. Thank you so much, Dennis.”

This celebration was by no means an end to the driving days for Dennis. He still plans to work another 6 to 7 years before retirement.

We are truly grateful for the work Dennis does to keep his family and the Highway Transport family rolling along. Thank you for 37+ years of hard work and dedication and we look forward to more great years ahead.

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