Drivers Activate Super Powers


Truckers Against Trafficking

How did we begin 2020? Fiercely combating Human Trafficking with a mobile army of professional truck drivers. Highway Transport serves as a Gold Level sponsor of Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT). Highway Transport drivers are trained to spot the signs of human trafficking.

This is the time of the year families head out to a lot of crowded shopping areas. January is the time of year when folks step outside of their normal routine. We are urging families to talk to children, especially teens.

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, so be sure and share what you know with people in your sphere of influence.

tip: Highway Transport says talk to your teens about human trafficking
photo by Luis Quintero – Pexels
Greg Watkins, Vice Chair of Highway TransportDrivers, activate your super powers! Let’s all mobilize on this important effort. Highway Transport gives a special shout out to all truck drivers who stand ready to detect and defeat human trafficking! Highway Transport Vice Chairman Greg Watkins says, “My family—the Watkins Family—has a solid legacy in the trucking world. Our chemical tanker drivers have many specialized skills. They are everyday heroes with the deepest commitment to protecting others. I’m proud to add TAT awareness to our skill set.”

Highway Transport encourages all fleets to complete TAT Training.  Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, “Highway” has reputation that is the epitome of family and safety. TAT decals are applied to the Highway Transport fleet of tractors. Decals are applied at eye-level.

Truckers Against Trafficking Decal being applied to the driving fleet



Highway Transport urges drivers to talk to your teens about human trafficking

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