Tanker Trucking Flourishes in Florence Kentucky

Spring is when things “flourish” in Florence. As the locals say, “Florence Y’all”

Highway Transport’s Florence Service Center is having a very busy spring hauling specialty chemicals to nearby L’Oreal and points beyond. #Kentucky has the most beautiful grass in the country. Everything is bright spring green. Speaking highway-transport-florence-yearly-average-salaryof green…did you know? The average yearly pay for a Florence KY Highway Transport System tanker truck driver is around $67,454? A #truckdriver who lives within a 100 mile radius of Highway Transport’s Florence Service Center can expect to enjoy a great wage and live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Here is a map of Highway Transport locations. We refer to this as the Highway Transport “System”…some people call it over-the-road.







Beautiful road tripping scenery is one of the many joys of living and working in the beautiful state of Kentucky. If you like spring green colors, be sure to check out the Highway Transport Pinterest board entitled “Seeing Green in Spring.”

Check out these spring scenes of grass and leaves as everything thaws out the greenery springs forth. Kentucky interstate routes have strange-looking rock formations. The interstate system slices right through the rocks.Drivers see water shooting out of the rock faces.  It forms these miniature waterfalls. On cool nights, the water freezes and turns into a beautiful scene like this…



Spring wildflowers can be seen everywhere along roadways and pathways. The scene featuring tiny yellow flowers on the forest floor is from a park in Kentucky near the Highway Transport Florence Service Center. The manager at Highway Transport Florence is Chris Jenkins. If you apply to be either a Florence Regional Driver or system driver, you will likely have to visit the Florence Kentucky Service Center to meet with Chris and pass a driving test.Chris Jenkins Highway Transport Florence Terminal Manager

In addition to needing tanker truck drivers in Florence, KY. Highway Transport is also trying to establish a presence in Richmond, KY. A tanker truck driver can apply to be a regional driver based out of Richmond, KY. While the Richmond location is under development, a driver can collaborate with Chris Jenkins at the Florence, KY location. Check out this map of how Highway Transport’s regional driving loads work. Highway Transport Regional Drivers enjoy a lot of home time. A driver may be away 1 or two nights per week, but most loads are within a closer driving radius.

Highway Transport Regional Map

Highway Transport is a tanker trucking company in operation since 1948 providing transportation of specialty chemicals throughout the United States and Canada. Our tank fleet has served chemical manufacturers with the highest quality service and equipment. The longstanding perception of Highway Transport continues to be one of family and tradition. However the company has always been very agile, very quick to adapt to business trends. Headquarters in Knoxville Tennessee is often what we call “Highway Transport Corporate.”  The main website for the corporation is hytt.com and the main website for truck drivers branded as Drive4Highway.com.

wildflowers on the forest floor at a park near Highway Transport Florence

Highway Transport is a very family-centric company. Drivers are held in very high regard. Everyone is treated with respect. We have a company culture that reflects kindness and family. Driver managers focus on getting truck drivers the maximum amount of hrolex-clock-kentucky-horse-parkome time. Kentucky is loaded with family-friendly activities within close range of the Highway Transport Florence service center. Check out this cool sculpture and scenes from nearby Lexington, KY at the internationally renowned Kentucky Horse Park, a short drive from Florence and fun for all ages.







Are you a professional tanker truck driver interested in finding a home? Consider a career with Highway Transport. Discover a place to work where you feel like part of a family, where you are welcomed into the fold. Questions? speak directly with Highway Transport Recruiting when you call toll free 1-800-800-5856.

Tanker Drivers Apply Now



Kentucky green grass of springtime

Yes…green is everywhere. Whether it is in the form of a great salary or marveling at the beauty of nature as you travel down the road. Here is the best green-themed thing you can do for yourself and your family. Click this green button to reach out to Highway Transport, share some info, and find a great career working with the top talent in the #tankertrucking industry.

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