Highway Transport Celebrates 70 Years!

Highway Transport, is celebrating 70 years! Discover a rare glimpse of the heartbeat of “Highway” in a video. 75 new Mack Anthem trucks are being added to the fleet.  “Highway,” has become our nickname through the years; it is the way colleagues throughout the trucking world commonly refer to our company.

Highway Transport started in 1948

Video Celebrating 70 Years

Check out this fantastic image captured by John McMillan who works in the tank wash at the Highway Transport Service Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.
image by John McMillan in tank wash

This group played a crucial role in a recent photo shoot. Members of “The A Team” of Highway Transport Tank Wash Services in Knoxville, Tennessee left to right…John McMillan, Hunter Stokely, Derrick Lane. Not pictured–Kevin Cameron.

Knoxville Tank Wash - The A Team

Highway Transport has its own tank wash services and boasts one of the cleanest, shiniest fleets on the road. Highway Transport has its own shops + offers tank wash services at 6 locations nationwide:
-La Porte, TX
-Florence, KY
-Joliet, IL
-Knoxville, TN
-Chattanooga, TN
-Croydon, PA

Tanker Truck Scenes Through the Years

1968 – The Watkins family purchased Highway Transport in 1968. Highway Transport started in 1948 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since the beginning in 1948, Highway Transport has always been a tanker trucking company headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee.

1968 Tanker Truck Image


1970's tanker truck image


1980's tanker truck image

2008 – 60th Anniversary + Re-branding with an all new logo and identity items.
2008 Tanker Truck image60th Anniversary Logo from 2008:

2008 60th Anniversary Logo


2008 New Company Logo and Re-branding:Highway Transport Re-branding in 2008

April 12, 2018 The first new Mack Anthem tractors rolls onto the yard at Highway Transport Knoxville

Highway Transport Fun Facts

American flag decals on all tractors appear with the flag properly displayed so that the flag appears to have forward motion and heading in the direction of the wind. The red and white stripes flow in the breeze.

American Flag decals on Highway Transport tractors

The American Flag is displayed the same way on truck driver uniforms. This is Chattanooga driver Ernest Holloway.

Highway Transport driver uniforms feature American Flag as if in forward motion

Everyone who works 20 Years at Highway Transport is presented with a Rolex Watch.

Highway Transport 20-Year Rolex
pictured below: Jason Cranfield of Chattanooga tank wash is presented the Rolex by Vice Chairman Greg Watkins.

Greg says, “The watch is a symbol of Jason’s dedication and loyalty to our company; it is nowhere near as valuable as what it represents.”

Amazing Fact: Andy Schultz and Sha’Leese Pillow teamed up and did some calculations about Jason’s 20 Years at the Chattanooga tank wash. Andy said in his speech, “We looked back and tried to figure out how many tanks you’ve cleaned over your career here at Highway; it’s about 35,000 tanks.”

Highway Transport Rolex Presentation

Chemical Tankers are Round. All Highway Transport tanker trailers are round.

chemical tanker trucks are round

Petroleum Tankers are Oval. Highway Transport only hauls specialty chemicals…no petroleum.

Highway Transport does not haul petroleum.

President & CFO Marshall Franklin and wife Ashley have triplet daughters and one son.

Marshall Franklin, CFO and President

Gold Mack Bulldog vs Silver Mack Bulldog

A gold Mack bulldog hood ornament indicates that a tractor is 100% manufactured by Mack Trucks at headquarters in Macungie, Pennsylvania USA. A silver Mack bulldog on the hood indicates the tractor uses parts from other manufacturers. Highway Transport tractors feature the silver bulldog because Highway Transport tanker trucking experts specify parts from external vendors. For example, Highway Transport tanker units have an Eaton rear axle.

Highway tractors feature silver Mack bulldog hood ornament

Vice Chairman Chip Watkins still has this Mack Truck from the family’s first fleet. It has a gold Mack bulldog hood ornament. The Watkins family has been in the transportation business since 1932.

vintage Mack Truck features gold bulldog hood ornament
Watkins vintage truck from 1932


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