Growing in Geismar

Special Features of the New Highway Transport Service Center in Geismar, Louisiana

• 6-bay maintenance shop
• 4+ bay tank wash
• two stories with excellent driver facilities
• training center for our Gulf Coast area drivers
• many offices
• conference room
• located on 25 acres with room for expansion


Highway Transport Service Center in Geismar, Louisiana


exterior view of Highway Transport Geismar service center

View all scenes of the recently completed service center in Geismar, Louisiana

rear view Highway Transport property in Geismar, Louisiana


front view of Highway Transport Geismar

A New Home in Geismar, Louisiana

Highway Transport in Geismar, Louisiana

Since 1948

Highway Transport is a Knoxville-Tennessee-based company and has provided bulk transportation of specialty chemicals Since 1948. Operating from 14 service centers nationwide,  our tanker fleet serves major chemical manufacturing areas across the U.S. with a fleet of 400+ tanker tractor trailers. Highway Transport was recently honored to receive the Responsible Care® Partner of the Year Award. Our company was recently honored to be recognized as “Carrier of the Year” by Dow Chemical.

Truck drivers interested in more in-depth info about Highway Transport are encouraged to apply online via our recruiting site

We’re social! For the latest updates and scenes of everyday life, click over to Highway Transport’s Facebook page named “Highway Transport Geismar.”

Geaux Geismar!

American Flag flying at Highway Transport in Geismar, Louisiana

The American flag is officially flying at 6210 Industrial Drive, home of the new Highway Transport facility in Geismar, Louisiana. We’re proud to introduce this very large presence in the Gulf Coast region. Our $12.5 Million facility is Highway Transport’s new tanker trucking hub in the southeastern U.S. Construction is in the final phase. Major chemical companies have asked Highway Transport to extend capacity, particularly throughout the southeastern corridor of the U.S. where many chemical manufacturers are expanding their facilities.

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