National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2017

Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Knoxville-headquartered hauler of specialty chemicals, Highway Transport is not only celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2017 but also beginning expansion into new markets: Pittsburgh, PA and Cincinnati, OH.  Chemical tanker drivers are an elite class of drivers with a very unique set of skills. They are very committed to safety, very knowledgeable about chemicals.

UPDATE: View scenes from National Truck Driver Appreciation Cookouts held September 10 – 16, 2017.

“They are everyday heroes with the deepest commitment to protecting others. Plus, our drivers really shine…literally and figuratively,” says Greg Watkins, Vice Chairman of Highway Transport.

“Our driving fleet is eye-popping. We have one of the shiniest and most well-maintained truck fleets on the road. Our shops are staffed with top mechanics and tank wash professionals.”

With an intense culture of safety and a 69-year legacy, Highway Transport moves into the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati markets with an eye on recruiting top talent.

“It’s not just trucking.” adds Watkins, “Highway Transport jobs require an understanding of the finer details of specialty chemicals and logistics. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati workforce(s) have a reputation for professionalism and the mindful approach needed for the type of work we do.” adds Watkins “Pittsburgh has been evolving since the 2008 recession. The region is undergoing a renaissance, and Highway Transport Chemical wants to be a part of that new business model, that spirit of growth.”
“The skills of our chemical tanker drivers make Highway Transport drivers stand out among drivers in the trucking industry. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati workers stand out above other areas of the country.”

Highway Transport is the best at discovering quality-minded drivers who are dedicated to safety. At Highway, we are known for our individual approach to drivers. If you are a driver with the following:

  • 12 months recent tractor trailer
  • Class A CDL

You will be glad you spoke with a Highway Transport recruiter.

Highway Transport Tanker Trucking Jobs 2017


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