Shop and Tank Wash Collaboration with Truck Drivers

Shop and tank wash plays a crucial role in making sure the Highway Transport fleet is one that arrives consistently on time, safe, and well-presented at delivery. Throughout the 70-year history of Highway Transport, mechanics who approached our company arrived well-versed in the engineering basics of the trade. They were capable of day-to-day repairs on everything from tractors to lawnmowers because they all shared the same basic mechanical principles.

Check out this image of Highway Transport tank wash personnel featured in Bulldog magazine:

Highway Transport tank wash personnel
Highway Transport Knoxville tank wash scene with John McMillan, Hunter Stokely, and Derrick-Lane


How the Job Market Has Changed

Employees of today are good at Internet Technology IT jobs, insurance, financial management, office work, legal regulations, social work, psychology, and various social services. China has become the hotbed for blue-collar factory work due to lax regulations. The biggest blue-collar jobs today are in the trade industries such as plumbing, HVAC, automotive, construction, and pickers for large warehouses and distributors.
However, the nature of the major trades has changed and has become more technical. As computer systems grow more advanced in the automotive field, mechanics are being replaced by technicians who do most of the diagnostics and repairs using a computer and highly technical electrical tests.

As a result, today’s job market is not generating the same volume of mechanics who work mostly with hand tools and manual labor. High school mechanical courses have become a thing of the past because specialization in every industry has made it difficult to teach basic automotive courses. The traditional resources for employers to groom and train mechanics have largely dried up.


Join the Top Talent in Truck Mechanics

Despite the trends, the mechanics retained by Highway Transport are considered by many to be the top talent in the tanker trucking industry. However, this is because most are now nearing retirement and have had decades to become experts in their respective duties.

To keep up with the times, Highway Transport has likewise invested in technology. The mechanical trainees that are provided education by Highway Transport, now receive initial training through computer courses. Later they have the chance to develop their skills at turning wrenches and working with mechanical tools.

Highway Transport chooses shop mechanics who retain remarkable customer service skills. They know how to communicate and interact with truckers to reduce the confusion involved in any service or repair. Ensuring that candidates are able to convey their mechanical knowledge and safety experience to truck drivers is of paramount importance when our company invests in building a strong mechanical service team.

Since 1948, our reputation throughout the tanker trucking world has been based on the excellence of mechanics and shop personnel. Mechanics play a critical role in making sure the Highway fleet is one that arrives consistently on time, safe, and well presented at delivery. We ensure that our mechanics receive the training to operate their daily jobs like a well-oiled machine.

This focus on perfectionism and the quality of service would only work if the pay and benefits were worth the additional occupational obligations. For this reason, we offer a very competitive package that helps us retain our choice of talent for a lifetime.

Join the Top Talent in Truck Mechanics …

• Safety bonuses
• Excellent pay and benefits, (including Medical, Dental, & Vision plans)
• Paid vacations & holidays
• 401K with company match
• Paid training
• Paid uniforms

Our Legacy of Safety

Highway Transport has carried on a legacy of bringing truckers the most talented tank washers and mechanics only because we are intensely focused on safety and making our workers feel comfortable with their daily routines. We don’t cut corners and force them to risk their physical health or well-being to make time.

Mechanics at Highway Transport naturally develop the speed and accuracy that the job requires without pressure because we provide accumulative incentives for them to excel. You will come to find that our company slogan of “Safety Focused. Quality Driven.” is deeply instilled in each and every employee.

In fact, mechanics look to Highway Transport as a leader in the trucking industry. Many have heard about our reputation. It is no secret that for more than seven decades, all the major chemical companies have relied upon Highway Transport tanker trucks to haul specialty chemicals throughout the US and Canada.

The people in our company have built up a solid track-record of trust with customers. And because our employees love their jobs, they are committed to maintaining that trust by continual training to stay on top of evolving mechanical issues in the field. Each of our locations is staffed by safety-minded employees dedicated to our driving fleet.

Qualified Candidates

Mechanics at Highway Transport perform inspections and carry out repairs on tractor and trailer units, shop equipment, and service vehicles. A high school education, general education diploma, or even a letter of equivalence from the Department of Transportation are enough to make candidates preferential picks for our training. This is because the ability to read, write and speak English is required to ensure adherence to our safety protocols and to converse with our customers.

To begin as a mechanic at Highway Transport, you must arrive with your own set of hand tools and a valid driver’s license. Highway Transport is seeking out mechanics who have either completed one(1) year of on-the-job experience or who have otherwise graduated from an accredited vocational program as a truck/trailer mechanic.

Duties include making inspections and performing maintenance/repairs that comply with Department of Transportation regulations. Training is provided for the right candidate. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Highway Transport to get started on your new career path in life.

To give some of our tanks an update, Walt in the Knoxville shop has been torching and welding in order to replace trailer undercarriage parts. Walt says, “The axle on the right has never been replaced, and the tanker trailer we’re working on today is from the year 2000, so the old part is 18+ years old. You can see the corrosion. I torch it off, then Billy measures and positions the new axle.”

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to try to patch things. We do a lot of parts replacing. We replace many items on the undercarriage of the tank. It’s a lot safer, and this really becomes like a new tank rolling down the highway.

shop and tank wash jobs
Walt torching off old undercarriage parts


Walt welding new parts onto undercarriage

Check out scenes of Walt and Billy in the Knoxville shop. Over the past year, they have been refurbishing and replacing parts tanker trailers:

axle replacement
left: new replacement axle            right: old tanker trailer axle with corrosion

Billy Lively measuring to determine placement of new axle.


a weld by Walt in the Knoxville shop

Working Together

Drivers and shop mechanics work together and form lifelong relationships. However, may people do not realize that shop personnel are governed by OSHA, while truck drivers are governed by Department of Transportation. Their regulations and oversight can be very different. One thing is certain, the environment at Highway Transport is focused on safety, and we all look out for one another. If you are ready for a rewarding career in the trucking industry, apply at Highway Transport right away. We have mechanic jobs that are perfect for any mechanic with his/her own tool set and a drive to succeed. There are not many mechanic opportunities that get better than the salary and benefits that we provide. If you are a truck driver, click this link for truck driver jobs. Whether you are a mechanic or a driver, we hope to hear from you soon.



Highway Transport Shop and Tank Wash Locations

Highway Transport Location MapCurrently, the greatest need for mechanics is at Highway Transport’s La Porte, Texas Service Center near Houston. Jobs at Highway Transport are divided into two categories:
1. Driver Jobs
2. Non-driver Jobs
Click over to to discover tanker truck driving jobs. Click on this link for non-driver jobs to discover where mechanic and shop openings are available.

Tanker Truck Driver Jobs

Highway Transport Outdoor Advertising in Pittsburgh
Shop and tank wash plays a crucial role in making sure the Highway Transport  fleet is one that arrives consistently on time, safe, and well-presented at delivery.


Non-Driver Shop and Tank Wash Jobs

Click on this link for non-driver jobs to discover where mechanic and shop openings are available.

Walt in the La Porte, Texas tank wash is a fantastic singer. Everyone enjoys Walt’s singing talent. Check out this video of him singing “My Girl.”

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