The Benefits of Tanker Driving Jobs

Benefits of tanker truck jobs

When you look at your surroundings, almost every product or thing that you see has been delivered by a truck. From medicine to liquids, to chemicals and even water …it is all transported by tankers. Without hardworking tanker truck drivers, most of the important operations that are undertaken would not happen. This is because the trucks can’t operate by themselves. Tanker truck drivers significantly contribute to the smooth running of many companies. Learn the benefits of tanker driving jobs.

Tanker trucks are essential to so many operations throughout the world. Imagine if there was a shut down in the chemical tanker industry for a few days. Do you know what happens? Almost all factories would run out of basic ingredients. Most industries would run at a loss due to high demand and low supply…especially companies that deal with liquid products. In other words, the role of a tanker truck driver is crucial.

Tanker drivers work for companies that deal with the transportation of liquid products. They operate trucks that transport liquid from one region to another. Tanker trucks carry a vast array of products and ingredients. Here at Highway Transport, we only transport chemicals. This is a niche sector commonly referred to as “specialty chemicals.” Some business analysts refer to the industry as “fine chemicals.”

There are two different types of tanker trucks- light and heavy. The heavy tankers of Highway Transport are equipped with unique features to increase safety for the driver, the cargo and the safety of all other vehicles on the road. Heavy-duty tanker drivers are required to have a Class A CDL License + a tanker certification. These licenses and certifications are an indication of the quality of their training to operate this heavy machine.

Benefits of Tanker Driving Jobs

This Job Has a Manageable Workload

So many people think that truck driving is tedious. But tanker truck driving is not like other truck drivers who are operating a “box truck.”  As a tanker driver, your daily duties differ a lot from average truck drivers on the road. You will be required to transport liquid to various sites assigned to you. The knowledge of using a variety of chemical hoses is a must. You are required to know how to access liquid chemicals at every type of site and are expected to drive slower because you are transporting liquid. You possess the patience and skills to ensure the safe transfer of the fluid from chemical storage units to the tanker.

As a driver, you are always required to meet the highest safety requirements during this process. You have an understanding that any spillage could lead to great danger as you transport liquid to the desired location. You are OK with being on the road traveling at a slower-than-average speed. It is important to get familiar, understand, and grasp the restrictions and rules by government and oversight agencies.

You also need to be good at keeping records. Record keeping is vital in this job. You are required to see and record the values that you read on gauges. This information is of great significance to the company’s record. You oversee the proper working of your equipment. This is all very important to you as a tanker driver. It is a lot of responsibility, but it is very manageable to a serious-minded driver.

Other truck drivers may have a list of many tasks, but the task list for a tanker driver is much more technical-minded. Other truck drivers often do the loading and unloading once they get where they are going. Box truck drivers sometimes operate loading and unloading machines, such as a forklift. Many times, a tanker driver does zero unloading because chemical companies prefer to oversee the unloading themselves. When you’re talking about loading and unloading at a chemical plant, the workload is often less for a tanker truck driver.

Tanker Jobs Pay Well

Typical truck driving jobs usually pay well. However, tanker trucking requires more endorsements and requirements. There is a higher amount of responsibility. This means that wages for tanker truck drivers are higher than average.

Most trucking companies normally pay their employees from minute one. Their pay system is usually pretty good. The drivers are compensated. Most trucking companies often try to motivate their drivers by continuously increasing their mileage and hourly pay.

Unlike most typical types of trucking, tanker trucking comes with a commitment to slower speeds. Highway Transport tanker truck drivers do well in their job, and they enjoy higher wages and safe speeds. Also, most of them enjoy the work that they do. They do their duties with great commitment and determination. Most drivers really like the truck and unique equipment to which they are assigned. Most Highway Transport drivers are assigned to a really nice semi-truck; they don’t typically have to worry about sharing a truck with fellow drivers in the fleet.

The Job Creates So Many Job Opportunities

Truck driving jobs are essential as they contribute to the creation of many jobs. So many people get employed, earn, and improve their living standards. This, in turn, contributes largely to the growth of the economy. Highway Transport ensures that the drivers’ interests are well cared for.

Qualifications for Tanker Driver are Attainable

Tanker truck drivers require a particular list of qualifications to apply for the job. In most cases, transportation companies need their employees to have completed Class A CDL certification. Having some experience in driving heavy trucks is a great advantage to tanker truck applicants. At least one year of truck driving experience is usually required by most employers. The most important qualification in tanker truck jobs is having the proper and valid Class A CDL for heavy cargo transport trucks.

Tanker truck drivers mostly transport liquids. Most states require a Class A CDL driver’s license. You are also required to have your hazardous materials endorsement to qualify as a tanker driver. You can get your hazardous materials endorsement at the same time you receive your Class A CDL.

The other necessary qualification is simply alertness. You are required to be extremely alert and know everything that is happening in your surroundings. Being alert helps you avoid many accidents and risks. This is because you will drive slower-than-average in the heavy cargo tanker truck. Being alert is the greatest skill not only for the safety of the driver but also for the safety of all vehicles and people on the road.

The Job is Always Available

Tanker drivers are always in demand, and the pay is always higher-than-average. All you need to do is to put yourself in a position to adhere to the strict safety conditions and have the right qualifications. Once you attain the right type of license, you are quickly on your way to securing a tanker trucking job. The job is always available for those qualified, unlike the other high-demand jobs that are hard to get. Currently, there are unlimited job opportunities in the tanker truck driving industry.

Boosts the Economy

For so many years, trucks have played a significant role in the economy of many countries. Tanker driving jobs are an important contribution to the prosperity of the United States. This is a great job that helps in the creation of a fairer distribution of wealth and employment within the country. Industries usually rely on trucking for the delivery of all materials. Trucks take all products to the market for customers or consumers. Tanker trucking plays a significant role in boosting the economy. There are many industries that depend entirely on tanker trucks. In the United States, there are over 3.5 million truck drivers. There are approx. 800,000 tanker truck drivers.






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