The Driver Condition

When recently speaking about the Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Program, Steve Kane, Rolling Strong President and former driver, said “There is a crisis in driver health. Forty-nine is the average age of a truck driver and sixty-one is the average life expectancy. This is a hard life they live.”  The statistics that state that this profession is one of the unhealthiest in the U.S.

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The statistics support this statement:

  • 87% of CDL drivers have hypertension or pre-hypertension versus the national average of 58.3%.
  • 7 in 10 (70%) CDL drivers are obese versus the national average of 36.5%.
  • In 2015 4,736,032 drivers had medical examinations. 1,429,326 received a 1 year medical card and 529,770 were issued 9 month cards, 3 month cards, temporary disqualification or complete disqualification from driving

Drivers don’t set out to be unwell, but they are in an unhealthy environment and surrounded by poor nutritional options.  A driver’s road lifestyle is sedentary, sometimes sitting for 11 to 14 hours, stress-filled, and filled with unhealthy food options, which all contribute to poor health.

What if there was a different way to live on the road? What if drivers had a resource to help make healthy food choices, lose weight, improve their health, and continue to drive?

Rolling Strong was founded by professional drivers who wanted to help answer those questions. The Driver Wellness Program helps drivers make healthy choices and educates them on nutrition, exercise, fitness, and sleep.  Drivers return home to their families and live longer, healthier, happier lives.

The Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Program includes standard coaching options, which means drivers have access to a real coach, not a digital person. The revolutionary new Rolling Strong app gives suggestions for healthy food choices, driver-designed exercises, and the ability to track sleep and other biometric data like blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, BMI, and heart rate. Rolling Strong Wellness coaches are readily available to answer any other questions drivers may have.  The coaches are also available to work with drivers nearing their CDL medical recertification. Rolling Strong’s first-in-class Ready Recertification process has successfully helped hundreds of drivers retain their CDL by giving them tools to improve their health before their medical examination.

Rolling Strong has a proven record of accomplishment, for over 6 years they have helped drivers improve their health and retain their CDL license. Check out hundreds of driver testimonials at

Email, call 913-551-0106, or visit for more information about our driver program.

All data is regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and specific, identifiable information cannot be shared with anyone outside of the Rolling Strong organization.

get back on the road to good health

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Why is Rolling Strong Meaningful at Highway Transport?

Highway Transport La Porte TX service center manager Larry Fink presented Kitty Ducote with a plaque to officially launch “The Dale Ducote Rolling Strong Program” Highway Transport has partnered with Rolling Strong to provide drivers with an opportunity to participate in a driver wellness program. The initiative is dedicated to Dale Ducote, a 23-year Highway Transport driver who passed away in June 2017. In Dale’s honor, the program is named “The Dale Ducote Rolling Strong Program.”

Plaque to commemorate Dale Ducote Rolling Strong Program


Dale started driving for Highway Transport over 23 years ago. At first, he was solo and then he and his wife, Kitty, drove team. Next, they both went solo and then Dale continued driving while Kitty stayed home to spend time with their grand kids.

Larry Fink presents plaque to Kitty Ducote

“During this time of heartbreaking sadness at the loss of our beloved friend, Dale Ducote’s legacy gives us the opportunity to take a moment to consider our health—as an individual, as a company, and as representatives of the overall trucking industry,” says Greg Watkins, Vice Chairman of Highway Transport.

Dale Ducote Rolling Strong Program

pictured above: scene from Dale Ducote’s 10-year work anniversary in 2007 at Highway Transport.

family of Dale Ducote at Rolling Strong Launch

above:Kitty + members of Dale Ducote’s family visited the Highway Transport La Porte Service Center to help officially launch
The Dale Ducote Rolling Strong Program


Dale and Kitty in 2015 at Dale's 20-year Rolex Ceremony

pictured above: Dale & Kitty in 2015 at Dale’s 20-Year Highway Transport Rolex Ceremony. Highway Transport employees who reach the 20-year work anniversary are presented with a Rolex watch.

Discover more about Kitty’s local efforts close to home. Kitty’s local newspaper The Picayune Item shines a spotlight on driver health.


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