Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road

Life on the road can be quite the challenge when it comes to staying consistent with a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to fall off track with all the tempting fast food options conveniently available at all times. Here are 3 quick tips to steer toward a road to healthy living that will drive towards your success. Need extra help adjusting to a new regimen? Consider enrolling in Highway Transport’s Rolling Strong program. Highway Transport drivers enjoy free health coaching via Rolling Strong.

Tip 1: Drink more water
Water plays a huge role in living a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding drinks like sodas and replace those drinks with water.  This will help you avoid dehydration and replenish and revive your body. Always be proactive with drinking water too. Your body doesn’t give signals that it needs water until you’re at a state of dehydration. Stock your truck up with water at all times and try sipping water all day, instead of just when you are thirsty. Because if you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated.

Tip 2: Eat less fatty foods
It’s tough out there on the road where it’s so easy to just grab a cheeseburger with a side of fries for a quick bite.  So take a moment and think about what you ate over the last few days.  Instead of the cheeseburger, focus on healthier options that give a meaningful impact to your appetite. Foods like roasted / grilled chicken, salads, walnuts, almonds, apples and whole grain crackers are healthy options to eat for snacks and meals.  Don’t rely on truck stops to provide these healthier options; go ahead and stock up on these types of foods in your truck so you have them on hand, ready to go.

 Tip 3: Eat less meat
Meat is a great source of protein but a meat focused diet can be counter productive towards your health. Take advantage of other protein sources like certain vegetables, shakes and legumes so you can add variety to your diet, limit the amount of meat you eat and enhance your intake of healthy foods. Making a protein packed shake or smoothie can give you everything needed to tackle your hunger and get your day started off right.

A healthy lifestyle is absolutely possible for truck drivers. It takes a dedicated approach and a desire to make changes to your diet that will reflect your lifestyle on and off the road. Implementing these tips at your own pace is the key to success – you can even try implementing just one healthy tip at a time. Simply increasing your water intake each day over the course of a few weeks may just be what it takes to transition into a healthier you until you reach your goal.

Highway Transport’s Rolling Strong wellness program is officially named The Dale Ducote Rolling Strong Program in memory of 23-year Highway driver Dale Ducote who passed away in June 2016. Dale’s widow Kitty encourages all Highway Transport employees to enroll in Rolling Strong.

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