What Highway Transport Is Doing To Fight Coronavirus

America’s nearly 1.8 million long-haul truckers have become unsung heroes for the nation over the last few weeks as they find themselves at the forefront in the war against a devastating pandemic.

Here at Highway Transport, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that our truckers remain safe and comfortable while performing their duties.

Since truck drivers are required to travel nationwide and ship goods from one place to another, they are at high risk of coming in contact with the infection. Then there’s the fact that restaurants and even truck stops have either shut down or severely limited dining access, making it pretty difficult for drivers to make stops for food.

But despite these and other challenges, Highway Transport is fully operational. In essence, our road-warriors are dedicated to keeping the chemical supply chain running to meet the increasing demands generated by this pandemic.

We are also constantly monitoring and working with regulatory authorities to keep everyone safe in the face of this crisis.

Precautionary Measures in Response To COVID-19 Crisis

Highway Transport staff, service centers, and customer sites are our top priority, which is why we are doing everything in our power to ensure their safety and well-being in such trying times.

We have put in place several precautionary measures to ensure the safety of employees and business partners. Furthermore, we are assessing the overall situation to mitigate the spread of this virus in real-time.

Other necessary measures include:

Creating Awareness Through Education

We are disseminating educational material to relay crucial information on the virus to all Highway Transport drivers. Drivers can easily access Coronavirus courses by logging into the Workday app and going to the ‘Highway Learning’ section. When a driver logs in, they are directed to view a training course.

Highway’s training department immediately created videos to quickly distribute for educating drivers about the symptoms of this disease and the necessary steps they must take to prevent its spread.

Since the truck industry is very susceptible to this viral disease and its spread, the course provides all the necessary containment instructions that must be followed to ensure thorough safety at all times.

Implementing Short Term Disability Supplement Benefits

Highway Transport has set up a benefits program for all our drivers. Under this program, if any of our drivers or their family members suspect that they have fallen prey to the pandemic, we’ll cover their salaries for the 14-day containment period.

Since transportation activities must continue at all costs, we depend on this program to help us create and promote a culture of care and empathy that’ll help us weather this storm. Moreover, Highway management is also vigilant about the health of Highway Transport teams through status calls to employees. Teams are assigned lists of employees to reach out with a simple phone call.

Sanitization 0f Truck Cabs

All Highway Transport Service Centers are equipped with disinfection and sanitization gear as managers are encouraged to keep regular checks on their location’s supply of these products.

Managers encourage the use of sanitization products by drivers and workers at all Highway Transport locations.  Disinfectant wipes and products are provided so that all the parts of the truck that drivers come in contact with can be as clean as possible.

All our drivers are highly advised to create a pristine bubble for themselves where they know they are safe from the virus. Wipe down all surfaces, especially steering wheels, door handles, and gear shifts.

sanitization supplies organized and distributed at Highway Transport
above: gloves, pharmacy-grade hand sanitizer, soap, disinfectant wipes, & disinfectant cleaner. This effort was organized by Highway’s own Jassiman Simms.

Taking Precautions for Personal Hygiene

The staff at all our service center locations maintain hygiene whenever they begin or return from a supply trip. The managers, as well as drivers, are encouraged to apply hand sanitizer at every facility they visit.

Here at Highway Transport, we also promote frequent hand washing and discourage one-on-one contact, so no handshaking. This is being done to keep our staff, their families, and the general public safe, as both the ports and truck stops are full of people who might be carrying this contagious disease.

Highway driver Anthony McDonald advises all fellow drivers, “Make the cab of the truck you drive your sanitized bubble.”

Promoting Social Distancing

Highway Transport driver Alen covering mouth and nose

Our drivers are encouraged stay in their trucks for as long as possible, all in a bid to ensure that the government’s social distancing directives are followed. They avoid socializing in places such as gas stations, truck stops, and even our service centers.

They are also asked to avoid spending time at public access points, including delivery destinations. We are also encouraging drivers to use debit or credit cards for any purchases instead of handling cash.

Highway Transport keeps an eye out for symptoms within our staff, including the truckers, before they start to travel to a different location. We sincerely hope that abiding by these rules will help us fight this pandemic while making sure that the supply chain runs smoothly.


Highway Transport provides fabric masks to each service center to encourage team members to voluntarily cover their nose and mouth when visiting public zones, especially in areas of community-based transmission, such as customer sites, truck stops and gas stations. It is important to routinely wash and dry your face coverings. Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing your face covering and wash hands immediately after removing. More in-depth details about homemade and cloth face coverings can be found at the CDC website

Highway Transport Geismar Driver TrainerGeismar Louisiana Driver Trainer Michael.  His wife custom crafted this Highway Transport fabric mask. She also made him an LSU mask as well + several for the local hospital. Highway Transport spouses are the best.
















COVID prevention steps Highway Transport is taking



In A Nutshell

The roads are quieter than ever before, but our truckers are still working hard to ensure that the nation survives the pandemic.

As we take the necessary precautions, we can’t help but be in awe of our customers and other stakeholders, who are resolved to stand by our side in these trying times. Our industry colleagues at L’Oréal are fighting this fight at the front lines by completely re-engineering many of their production facilities.

At many production facilities, instead of cosmetics, L’Oréal now produces tons of hand sanitizer, and we are forever thankful for that.

Lastly, make sure you thank any truck drivers you see this week.

They are charged with the duty to deliver critical medical supplies and food to a panic-stricken nation. As the virus ravages America from coast to coast, these heroes are facing increasing challenges.

And still, they continue to put in long hours in nerve-wracking conditions to ensure that life goes on as usual. It is times like these that remind us of how strong these heroes are.

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