Women in Trucking at Highway Transport

Whether driving a tanker unit or serving in management, Highway Transport has many professional women with a multitude of skills. It is a natural fit for Highway to initiate a corporate membership and become involved.
A corporate membership underscores Highway Transport’s commitment to providing support to the national nonprofit and allows the company to increase opportunities for female truck drivers.

professional chemical tanker driver Cicely
professional chemical tanker driver Cicely at Highway Transport’s location in Freeport, Texas. Photo by AJ Adams

Highway Joins Women in Trucking Organization

Highway Transport has become a corporate member of the Women In Trucking Association, a nonprofit that encourages and supports women’s employment in the transportation industry.

“The access to Women In Trucking Association at the corporate level also can increase our hiring efforts to add women to the Highway Transport family,” Williams says.

Highway Transport Logistics Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Christy Williams, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Highway Transport Logistics

The Women In Trucking Association’s overall mission is to encourage the employment of women in trucking, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the industry. Read a more in-depth article in the tanker truck industry publication, Bulk Transporter.






professional chemical tanker driver: Highway Transport in Geismar, Louisiana regional driver, Tressa. Photo by Lucian Welch

Stats about Women in Trucking

According to the American Trucking Association, the number of female truck drivers increased by 68% between 2010 and 2018. While more women continue to get behind the wheel and on the road, females still only make up 7% of all truck drivers.

professional female tanker truck driver
professional chemical tanker driver Pamela at Highway Transport’s location in Freeport, Texas. Photo by AJ Adams


“The Women In Trucking Association is doing important and necessary work for women in the transportation industry,” said Christy Williams, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Highway Transport. “We share the organization’s vision to increase the number of females employed and thriving in our field.”

Highway Transport Logistics Director of HR
Michelle Rayfield, Highway Transport Managing Director of HR


Managing Director of HR, Michelle Rayfield, says, “Highway’s new alignment with Women in Trucking provides our company with access to industry research. It is also an opportunity to forge new connections with women throughout the trucking world. I’m excited to initiate this process and will keep everyone informed as we participate.”





female professional truck driver
Lake Charles, Louisiana : Shelly, professional tanker truck driver for Highway Transport in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Photo by Laurie Doran, service center manager, Highway Transport Lake Charles.

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