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There has never been a better time for women to choose a career as a truck driver. Most trucking companies are actively seeking qualified candidates. Salaries and benefits are better than ever. However, if you are a woman seeking a trucking job, you might not know anyone personally to talk to about their experience.

Darla Ferguson of Highway Transport

We wanted to share some thoughts with you from our female truck drivers. Read below to find out what they like best about their job, how they find a work/life balance, and more. We spoke with the following:

What do you like most about your job as a truck driver?

Both the adventure of not knowing and the traveling is why I enjoy it so much. It’s a spontaneous lifestyle. You have a sort of freedom and you learn how to harness it as well as the independence this career brings to the table. – Darla

Traveling to new places and seeing new things. – Katrina

I enjoy being on the road and traveling to new locations. Being on the road I travel to states I would not normally visit it’s exciting. – LaShey

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

It’s tough working in any industry that is dominantly male. Prejudgments are made of course being a woman. Are we strong enough, can we handle the truck, is the emotional aspect of being a woman going to get in the way of our decisions? Will we get paid less for our performance. Do I have to work harder to prove I’m entitled to this position? These questions are what makes the job challenging for most women. At the beginning, it was for me as well. If you find a good company, however, all these things dissipate. The job becomes a part of you and the people around you become friends and family. – Darla

Safety. There are a lot of distracted drivers we share the highway with. – Katrina

Being a female driver is challenging it is hard to be away from your family. Sometimes the days are long and you don’t come home for days. – LaShey

What advice would you give to another woman looking to make truck driving her career?

I would express the opportunity this career brings to the table. The financial freedom is a big one! This career opens doors in many places, therefore networking is a breeze. You can make your own schedule for the most part allowing you to get that family time in. Although this job can be dangerous, there is no gain without risk so go for it! – Darla

That is it challenging but worth it. You have to enjoy driving, love what you do, and have a passion for it. Finally, you have to have respect for the truck it is nothing like driving a car. You have to be safe not only for you, but for the company, your family, and other drivers on the road. – LaShey

Why is now a great time for women to choose truck driving as a career?

Truck driving has really changed over the last few years. Companies have incorporated automatics, which makes driving more safe and simple. I haven’t experienced any animosity from any driver on the road and they seem excited that more women are rolling up their sleeves and choosing to come into the industry. It’s inspiring I feel to other women who may not have the courage to yet try this career out. – Darla

Being a professional driver is a very unique career that has a lifestyle all its own. – Katrina

Right now the industry doesn’t have a lot of female drivers. Trucking is not just a job for men it is a job for anyone who has a desire to drive and have a great career. – LaShey

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

Being upbeat, patient, and willing to communicate is the key when in trucking! A positive mental attitude towards co-workers goes a long way. It helps to form patience and tolerance. You work with a very diverse community who have their own opinions so be open to learning and sharing the road. Communicate to your dispatcher, your manager, your family, your friends this is what you do and throw yourself into it! Understand sacrifices will have to be made before taking this job. Make plans, workout schedules with everyone you love and make sure you tell them how important their support is to you. A T-shirt from another place and time never hurts to pass along with a smile either. – Darla

Prioritizing, Faith, family and work. – Katrina


Anything else you want to share…..

No matter the gender it takes a certain type of person who cares enough to be in that seat, taking the good with the bad. Driving the long hours that are needed to get to one place to the next. We work at the most dangerous place in America, the highway. In spite of it all I have never loved doing anything more. I’m a woman, and no career I could have chosen for myself would have fit me more perfect. – Darla

I believe Ronny Milsap”s song sums up driving pretty well. I’m a prisoner of the highway imprisoned by the freedom of the road – Katrina

You have to plan and make time for your family. Work is essential but family is important. Finding the right trucking family who understands that family and work are both vital makes all the difference. I have found my work/life balance here at Highway Transport. – LaShey

More questions? Leave them below in the comments or give us a call 1-800-800-5856

If you are a woman in trucking interested in becoming a tanker truck driver, reach out to Highway Transport’s recruiting department:

  • Angela Corbett
  • Robin Wilson


Robin, a former driver, is now a recruiter for Highway Transport.

Discover more info about women in the trucking industry via the organization entitled Women in Trucking.



Also, meet newly hired Lateshia. Coming soon…an in-depth conversation with Lateshia.

Lateshia, a newly hired female tanker truck driver for Highway Transport


Highway Transport is a chemical tanker trucking company in operation since 1948 providing transportation of specialty chemicals throughout the United States and Canada. Highway’s tanker fleet has served chemical manufacturers with the highest quality service and equipment.

The longstanding perception of Highway Transport continues to be one of family and tradition.

Highway Transport has a presence in the following U.S. cities:
• Knoxville, TN
• Chattanooga, TN
• LaPorte, TX
• Freeport, TX
• Garland, TX
• McDonough, GA
• Croydon, PA
• Florence, KY
• Joliet, IL
• Wyandotte, MI
• Geismar, LA
• Pittsburgh, PA

Highway Transport has a legacy of steady growth, servicing chemical companies with quality driven service for 68+ years. Check web sites www.hytt.com and Drive4Highway.com



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