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This is the place to apply for tanker truck driving positions at Highway Transport Chemical. With safety as the top priority, we are proud to make deliveries with an on-time service percentage above 98% and recognize that’s the biggest part of our role in supporting your businesses and essential services. 
Tanker Jobs for Highway Transport

Highway Transport was honored to receive the Responsible Care® Partner of the Year Award in both 2019 and recently in 2021. The Responsible Care® organization recognizes partners with superb performance and safety records involved in the transportation of chemicals.

Highway Transport Responsible Care Partner of the Year

Getting Drivers Paid

Highway Transport pays from minute 1 on detention. The company is committed to pay increases at regular intervals. Highway Transport drivers also enjoy unscheduled raises and bonuses.

“They are everyday heroes with the deepest commitment to protecting others. Plus, our drivers really shine…literally and figuratively,” says Marshall Franklin, President & CFO of Highway Transport. Our driving fleet is eye-popping. We have one of the cleanest and most well-maintained truck fleets on the road. Our shops are staffed with top mechanics and tank wash professionals.”

Highway Transport provides Rolling Strong to inspire all drivers throughout the trucking industry to improve health. Highway drivers are able to connect anytime to a health coach via mobile app. In addition to Rolling Strong, Highway drivers receive healthy how-to’s from the company, such as “7 Hot Weather Hacks for Truck Drivers” and “5 Winter Tips for Professional CDL Drivers.”

Growth in Geismar + Expansion in Joliet

New Highway Transport location in Geismar, LouisianaMajor chemical companies ask us to extend our capacity particularly throughout the southeastern corridor of the U.S. where many chemical manufacturers are expanding their facilities. Throughout 2020, Highway Transport constructed a new service center in Geismar, Louisiana, which is near Baton Rouge. Read the full article in 10/12 Magazine.

Plans are under way for a larger site northern US near Chicago in the Joliet, Illinois area.





Check out the Highway Transport article in Bulk Transporter magazine. Highway Transport is always responding to market pressures, and that’s okay because it makes us strive to be more efficient and effective. You may have seen our latest ad for recruiting drivers. Highway Transport Tanker Truck Drivers enjoy being part of one of the best fleets on the road. Check out this in-depth article about Highway Transport system driver Alen Smailovic.  Read in-depth about the recent pay increases for drivers.

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National Tank Truck Carriers

A truck driver’s office is the highway, so our industry has a vested interest in eliminating distracted driving. Federal laws already prohibit truck drivers from texting while driving, and most companies will terminate employees who are caught in violation of this regulation. The trucking world knows the dangers on the road, and we’ve taken steps to fight against them. But the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) organization doesn’t think that’s enough.

Highway Transport wants to help end distracted driving in ALL vehicles.  Commit today that you will drive with Zero Distractions™. Highway Transport encourages everyone to not only take the pledge but download and sign the pledge. After printing and signing, mail your form to NTTC.

About Highway Transport

Highway Transport has been in business since 1948. We are family-owned and have nationwide strategic service centers providing bulk transportation for the chemical industry throughout the 48 states and Canada.

“The Watkins family is a solid trucking family with a lifelong commitment to the trucking industry. Trucking and logistics will always be at our core.”

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Responsible Stewardship at Highway Transport


Highway Transport’s Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide the highest quality, safest, efficient transportation services for our customers, that provides security for our employees and meet stockholders expectations.  

Vision Statement:

Highway Transport is a growing profitable transportation and logistics organization utilizing leading technology.

We are people-oriented, customer driven, providing qualified trained personnel to surpass customer requirements.

Our culture is defined by strong ethics, individual responsibility and accountability with continual improvement in a dynamic global environment.


  • Safety focused
  • Quality driven
  • Integrity
  • People oriented
    • Honesty
    • Respect
    • Employee development
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Regulatory compliance
    • Health
    • Environment
    • Security

Strong supplier partnerships

Our Promise. Delivered.

 Benefits with Highway Transport

  • Choice of Group Health plans effective 30 days after hired
  • Company-paid basic life insurance
  • Supplemental life insurance available at group rates
  • Short and long term disability plans available
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Health Savings Account
  • 401k plan with company match (50 cents on every dollar up to 6%)
  • 8 Paid holidays
  • Vacation time
    • 2 weeks after first year
    • 3 weeks after 5 years
    • Option for pay in lieu of time off

Advantages with Highway Transport

  • Mileage scale and accessorial hourly pay
  • Weekly direct deposit
  • Detailed Online Settlements
  • Safety award program
    • Yearly awards
    • Million mile award
  • Company-provided uniforms
  • Assigned driver manager
  • Assigned newest tractors for system drivers
  • Open door policy

Service Area

Highway Transport Location Map

Award Winning

Highway Transport vice president of safety
“To be recognized as Responsible Care® Partner of the Year twice in three years is an honor and reflects the level of commitment displayed by our family of employees and drivers,” says Rick Lusby, Highway Transport’s vice president of safety.

Responsible Care® partners like Highway Transport are committed to open and transparent reporting and undergo mandatory audits to certify performance. Responsible Care® selected Highway Transport Logistics for exemplary performance. Partner of the Year Awards are selected by a Responsible Care® committee made up of external experts.


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